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  • "Any woman who wants to get serious about her life and realize her true potential must have this book. The wealth of knowledge Shanel has put in this book is far beyond what I've seen in almost all of the women's empowerment books I've ever come across."

    Les Brown
    World's Leading Motivational Speaker

  • "Stilettos in the Kitchen will release something in you that you never knew existed.
    Shanel Cooper-Sykes is brilliant!"

    Simon T. Bailey
    National Best Selling Author of "Release Your Brilliance"

  • "Stilettos in the Kitchen is just too fabulous! Shanel is a mogul in the making
    and every young woman should take heed!"

    Kimora Lee Simmons
    Media Mogul

  • "Shanel Cooper-Sykes is full of wisdom, energy and passion that everyone needs to experience!"

    Dr. Jamal Bryant
    Pastor, Leader, Author,

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An Opportunity to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Can you honestly say you wake up every day living the life you love? If you can't... there is nothing wrong with that. It just means you've come to the right place at the right time. My name is Shanel Cooper-Sykes.

My mission is to help women live an empowered life. For the past 5 years, I've been helping thousands of women all over the world improve, enhance and elevate their life. From weight loss to relationships, from finding their passion to starting businesses, women of all ages are discovering their power, passion and capability to live the life of their dreams... and you can too.

While you're in my life, I'll uplift you and challenge you to go beyond yourself today, to the "self" you want to be tomorrow. We'll bridge the gaps, we'll eliminate the obstacles, we'll remove the fear, doubt and insecurities and replace them with confidence, knowledge and habits that will help you accelerate your path to fabulous, extraordinary living! It doesn't matter what's happened up until now... from this moment forward, you have a new opportunity to begin again.

This is your chance to begin living the extraordinary, fabulous life you love. Use the classes and tools on this site to begin your journey towards a bigger and better life. I'll be with you every step of the way.


Who is Shanel Cooper-Sykes?

Shanel Cooper-Sykes is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. She has an audience of 100,000 women across the world and has been featured in ESSENCE MAGAZINE, and has been well received by celebrities Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons and notable motivational speakers Les Brown, Simon T. Bailey and man, many more.

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Be extraordinary.